One of the most devastating medical problems affecting otherwise healthy women, and sexually active women in particular, is a condition called vulvodynia.

This is often associated with a burning and/or itchy discomfort in the vulvar area and often excruciating pain when attempting intercourse. This condition has a devastating psychological impact and is very disruptive of relationships. The cause of vulvodynia is still unknown and as a result there are many different treatments for it.

There is a national organization formed to give information and support to women with this problem called the National Vulvodynia Association. Two or three times a year this organization publishes articles discussing various treatment options. Treatments can be medical (oral and local medication) or physical (excising the painful skin). We favor a non-surgical approach and have been successfully treating women with this condition for more than twenty years.

At times, the bladder also may be uncomfortable with symptoms suggestive of a bladder infection. This is called interstitial cystitis and there are treatments available for this difficult problem - some more effective than others.

When scheduling an appointment for either of the conditions, please indicate what you believe to be your condition, so your appointment will be long enough for the doctor to give you the attention you need.

To contact Mountain Vista Womens Care practice regarding vulvodynia or interstitial cystitis, email us or call 303-788-8808.

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